Executive Summary

Middle School Students and their Parents are acutely aware that a top high school education is critical for acceptance to the highly and most competitive US colleges and universities. Public high school education standards continue to decline due to funding and the need to serve the needs of all students. Many Public high schools have overcrowded classrooms and diminishing course selection even in “honor track” programs that used to be the gateway for acceptance to the highly and most competitive US colleges and universities.

Students and Parents only alternative is Private High School Education either at day or boarding school. Private High Schools like college and universities come in all sizes, competitiveness and involve a substantial investment in standardized testing, lengthy application and interview process. As a result of poor public high school education and highly competitive college admission process Private High Schools have experienced a large increase in applications resulting in ever increasing competitive applicant pool versus the number of admitted students.

In addition, Private High School education requires substantial financial resources almost equal to that of a college education. However many Private High Schools have endowments that rival many colleges and offer substantial financial aid making it possible for almost all students to afford a Private High School education.

The process of researching, determining fit, qualifications, acceptance probability, the application process, interviews, financial aid, is via a patchwork of visiting numerous sites. There is very little interaction between the applicant, the schools, alumni, and current students.

The Private School Platform looks to empower students, parents, the private schools and help demystify and simplify the application process through a single platform. The Platform makes the Private High School research easy allowing Students to match their academic, sports, social fit, and compare admissions rates based on thestudent’s academic, sports, outside interests and other factors. For Parents, the platform will demystify the application and financial aid process. Both Student and Parent will be able to compare different private schools and select the schools that offer the best fit and likely hood for acceptance. For Private Schools will allow schools to view prospective student applicants that they probably would not see or meet.

In summary the Private School Platform will streamline and simply the world of Private High School.