Connecting students and schools

  • Schools search for specific student profiles.

  • Students create searchable profiles.

Schools search for specific student profiles

Welcome to Boarding School Select: FOR SCHOOLS.

Boarding School Select Connects Students with Boarding Schools and Boarding Schools with Students.

Recruiting the right Students is a long and arduous process for an admissions department. Boarding School Select is the first interactive site whereby a school’s admission department, instructors and coaches can consider and recruit students that best fits the needs of the school. We connect schools with students via our propriety profile match platform.

Why Register With Boarding School Select?

Boarding School Select is a real time data base of student profiles interested in applying to boarding schools! Through the Schools Dash Board the admission department can search student profiles on one or several criteria, select students of interest, initiate direct communication via BSS messaging and keep notes on students. Connect with students beyond your school’s core recruiting area!

  • School Profile
  • * Connect with Students
  • * Student Recruitment
  • * Organize and Track Student Profiles
  • * Follow students
  • * See what students have viewed the School
  • * Organize and invite students to Admission Road Trip Locales
  • * View, GPA, Class Standing, Essays and SSAT Test Scores, Recommendations
  • * Send out Notifications on open houses, campus events, and timelines.
  • * Financial Aid Resources
  • * Admission Contact Information
  • * Videos, Photos

Is There a Cost to Register? NOT AT THIS TIME!

Please feel free to contact BOARDING SCHOOL SELECT for a school username and

In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to email BOARDING SCHOOL SELECT at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to you participating with Boarding School Select.

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