Connecting students and schools

  • Schools search for specific student profiles.

  • Students create searchable profiles.

Students create searchable profiles

Welcome to Boarding School Select: FOR STUDENTS:

Boarding School Select Connects Students with Boarding Schools and Boarding Schools with Students.

Finding the right boarding school is a stressful process to both Students and Parents. Boarding School Select helps students and parents search for and connect with schools via our propriety profile match platform.

Why Register With Boarding School Select?

Boarding School Select organizes and tracks a student’s interest in a boarding school and communication activities. Connect with Board Schools via your personal profile on Boarding School Se lect. See that Boarding Schools have viewed your profile. Receive notifications of boarding school open houses, campus events, road shows and instantly upload them to your calendar.

  • * Detail Personal Profile
  • * Connect with Boarding Schools
  • * Boarding School Recruitment
  • * Organize and Track Boarding School Applications
  • * Notifications about open houses, campus events, and admissions calendar from Boarding Schools.
  • * Financial Aid Resources
  • * Personal Contact Information
  • * Personal Bio
  • * Special Interests
  • * Academic Achievements
  • * SSAT Scores / Class Rank
  • * Sports & Instruments Played
  • * Videos, Photos
  • * Follow Schools
  • * See that Schools have viewed your profile
  • * Organize and Track Boarding School Visits, Applications, Recommendations, Essays and SSAT Test Scores
  • * Receive Communications from Boarding School Admissions, Coaches and Department Heads
  • * Personal Calendar

Boarding School Select Connects Students with Boarding Schools and Boarding Schools with Students.

Is There a Cost to Register?


Student Profile

Connecting with boarding schools starts with your personal profile. Your personal profile is searchable by boarding school’s admissions, coaches and academic departments. Access to Student Profiles is limited to boarding schools on Boarding School Select.

What can I include in my Student Profile?

Boarding School Select will help match students’ profiles with boarding schools actively recruiting students with similar profile. The list is a good starting place to start exploring and learning what each Boarding School has to offer. Students can follow schools of interest whereby he/she will be notified automatically about events and news from those schools the Dashboard

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is a Student’s personal desk top on Boarding School Select.

From the Dashboard Students can:

Search and Compare

Search and compare Boarding Schools by Attributes, Name, Association, Sports, Theater, Music, and Art. Boarding School Select offers the Student flexibility in the search process that meets the Student’s requirements.

Events Calendar

Receive automatic notification of Boarding Schools’ Open Houses, Admission/Alumni Events for Prospective Students, Sports Calendar, School Fairs Attended by Admission.


Boarding School Select has informative articles written by former and current boarding school students, admission off icers, coaches, teachers, and consultants that will help students and parents find the perfect board school.

Paying For Boarding School – Bridging the Financial Aid Gap

Boarding School is as expensive as attending a College or University. The good news is that most boarding schools offer generous financial aid programs to families. Boarding School Select can help families understand the level of tuition particiaption via the EFC CALCULATOR. This calculator may be a valuable tool in understanding what school may be the best budget fit for the family.

The Boarding School Select Mission is to make attending a boarding school a reality for students and their family regardless of financial means.

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